Tips to Prevent Lung Infections During Household Work

People having COPD always carry the risks of aggravation to the body condition due to various reasons, doing household work being one of them. Those having chronic bronchitis, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis can suddenly experience symptoms of lung infection due to household work, due to infection from pollutants that are hazardous to health. Here are some tips for people with lung disease, which can help you in lung disease treatment and prevention.

When using household products and cleaning supplies, you should use only those which have less contents of fragrances, VOCs, flammable ingredients or irritants, which are harmful to the lungs and can cause aggravation to the already infected lungs. The cleaning area should be kept well ventilated so that if there are any such pollutants, they can go out of the room. What Dr. Gokhale, Top Lung Specialist in Hyderabad says is, you should avoid using cleaning supplies containing chemicals, ammonia or fumes released from them, which can be dangerous to respiratory conditions which are chronic.

To reduce the risk of being infected by pollutants from termites and dust, you should:

  • Keep pillowcases and mattresses in zipped cases that are dust mite proof.
  • Wash your bedding and bed sheets once a week at high temperature so that the dust mites are killed.
  • Use indoor air purifiers which are natural to prevent pollution of the indoor air.
  • Keep your windows closed during the time when the outside air is highly polluted.
  • Always keep the curtains and upholstery clean to prevent allergens to be gathered.
  • Abstain from staying close to someone who may be smoking inside the room.
  • Use simple and conventional cleaning supplies like soap, warm water, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baking soda instead of those fragrant ones.

Avoid coming into contact with toxic vapor, that can irritate the lungs badly, says Dr Gokhale, Best Surgeon for Lung Disease in Hyderabad. The best thing would be to hire a home cleaning service to ensure that the cleaning is done in a hygienic manner.