Live Heart Transport in Metro Saves A Life in Hyderabad:

The innovative and successful transport of live heart for heart transplantation in Hyderabad has made the entire country once again notice the importance of organ donation, the efficacy of heart translation and the efforts of Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale, one of the most successful heart transplant surgeons in Telangana.

Though heart transplantations in India have been much more common these days when compared to the early 2000s, there still lie doubts in the minds of the general public about the practicality and also possibility of successful heart transplantation procedures in India. Even among the heart specialists, there have been a lot of apprehensions given how logistical problems can crop up in a country like India due to nightmarish traffic and also bureaucracy problems.

At this juncture, this successful heart transplantation in Hyderabad by transporting the heart through common metro rail comes off as a memorable and path turning event in quelling the doubts about the transplantation procedure in the minds of both the general public and heart specialists across India.

“It was heartening to see Hyderabad Metro Rail authorities make all the arrangement at such short notice and all thanks to them, we have been able to transport the heart seamlessly to the hospital for the heart transplantation in Hyderabad,” said Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale thanking the Metro authorities for making this heart transplantation in Hyderabad possible.

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